Rob Roper

Website build for leader helping companies build their brand on social media to convert followers into customers


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Rob Roper is the Founder and Director of Trusted Finance with an obsession for high quality lead generation and engaging marketing strategies.

Rob motivates small business owners, key company stakeholders and decision makers to take control of lead generation, increasing their bottom line.

He has built a following of over 670,000 people across Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, You Tube, LinkedIn and Snapchat, making Trusted Finance the most followed Australian Company across the Finance and Real Estate industries. In only 18 months, Rob has gained over 10,000 Home Buyer leads, converting to over $250,000,000 in settled mortgages, without spending even $1 on advertising.


  • Website build
  • Brand development
  • Hosting
  • Video
  • Analytics & reporting