Short term space activation and rental


Website design as part of comprehensive portal build

Popupshopup was the brainchild of Bray Marketing’s founder Ronan Bray along with his business partner Daniel Rainone. Popupshopup sought to activate vacant retail and commercial spaces, a $5.4 billion problem in Australia alone. The answer? A website that allowed property owners and managers to lease vacant space so that business owners and entrepreneurs could fill it with their ideas for 1 day to 6 months. It received national adoption by some of the countries biggest property owners and companies and generated millions in rental enquiries. They went on to build a portable outlet that could be moved to different locations so that any space could be activated and brought to life.

Bray Marketing was responsible for the website designs, architecture, logo designs, collateral build and campaign execution. Popupshopup went on to be sold in 2018.