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Steel Frame Trusses WA


Outranking top manufacturers in Perth

Steel Frames Trusses WA (SFTWA) specialises in the manufacturing of light steel wall frame trusses and structural steel for residential and commercial buildings throughout Western Australia. They offer their clients the complete package from design and detailing to engineering, manufacturing, transportation and installation.

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Steel Frames Trusses


"We are an established business in Perth but have been operating without a website and so began exploring our options. Bray Marketing was introduced to us whilst we were working on a government project and so and so we decided to meet Ronan to discuss our requirements. Ronan listened to our requirements and presented us with three great options for a website, clearly explaining the benefits and estimated costs of each option. Ronan quickly discovered we knew nothing about digital marketing so he also took the time to explain how digital marketing works so that it all made sense to us. Ronan hit the ground running and quickly provided us with a detailed quote and project plan with various options so that we could select exactly what we wanted. Ronan needed to know exactly what our company was all about and asked many questions and also provided constant updates and not only provided us with a top notch website but also created all the website content, a new logo and a business page on Google. Ronan handled all aspects of building our website professionally and he was a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend Ronan and Bray Marketing for anyone looking for a website or marketing work."



Put us on the map with a modern website to attract new customers and win more business. Develop a logo and our branding to deploy across social media and internal documentation.



We sat with Eric to understand their goals and put in place a plan that was phased to prioritise what was most important. We conducted a complete review of their industry and competitive landscape to shape the content and positioning of the website. We then spoke with existing customers to understand the benefits of their services and add credibility through overwhelming positive feedback in the form of testimonials.



A modern and clean website that’s easy to maintain

1st page on Google for top search results

Immediate generation of enquiries

New projects won