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Handbrake Design


Perth based apparel design and artist

The artist behind Handbrake Design is Hans Bruechle.

“I’ve always drawn and painted but in 2010 I found myself with a lot of free time in between jobs so I started to paint every day. I signed it all ‘HB’ and people started to become interested in my designs, asking if they could get a t-shirt with them on. So I started to print shirts and kept selling out. Then I was asked to be an artist in an exhibition of hand painted skateboards. Mine sold really fast and I decided to keep going, eventually starting my own line of boards and the whole thing just kept rolling.”

He came to us looking for a new ecommerce website that would offer a seamless buying experience for his growing followers.

  • Client: Handbrake Design
  • Website:
  • Services: Web Development, UX Design, SEO, Keyword Research, Domain setup, Hosting

Handbrake Design


"Bray Marketing is the ultimate 'I don’t have to worry about anything because they’ve got it all covered' team. They make everything easy, hassle free, and above all fast which allowed me to get my business running in half the time. Plus it’s not just websites, they helped me out with plenty of other things like SEO and social media marketing too! Highly recommend."



Build a user friendly, mobile responsive, ecommerce website to sell and showcase art and apparel



A fully responsive ecommerce website built with a CMS for easy management and maintenance. Full payment gateway support for Visa, Mastercard and PayPal along with email templates and product management.



A beautiful website that has helped bring on stockists as far as London and Milan.