Event Marketing Campaign


Marketing campaign to sell tickets to an event

The Australian Irish Heritage Association are based in Subiaco, Western Australia, and amongst other things organise and manage events dedicated to recognising Irish Heritage and it’s coming together in the Australian community. This event included the president of Ireland visiting!

  • Client: Australian Irish Heritage Association (AIHA)
  • Services: Marketing campaign, social media

"Being able to see the size of the apartment made all the difference given it was an off-the-plan purchase. We decided not to proceed as the space was too small for us but this render meant we saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thank you!"



Promote event and sell as many tickets as possible within 7 days

35% event capacity

444 tickets remaining

$500 budget



Targeted marketing campaign focusing on Irish people in Perth with an interest in Irish arts, theatre, culture and dance



23,070 people reached

577 total ticket sales

338 additional tickets sold

84% event capacity

$1.48 marketing spend for every ticket sold

~$16,900 ticket sales

$33.80 return on ad spend

691% increase in audience reach

700% increase in page views

72 new followers acquired