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Looking to grow your business and not sure exactly how to get started or tired of dealing with expensive agencies who continue to charge a monthly fee without any of the results?

Our founders journey started out at 19 when he launched his first business. Having been quoted between $40,000 and $200,000 for just a website build (didn’t even include content creation, SEO or any other marketing!) it meant using nearly all of his personal savings to get started. He had a beautiful website but quickly realised it was going to take a lot more investment to bring traffic to that site and the idea of generating any revenue was a long way off.

So he went about doing what he could himself to build up users and after 12 months of hard work and creative marketing had over 120,000 visitors to his site and 850 companies using it.

He took these lessons and applied it to his second business but still realised he relied heavily on someone else to manage one of the most expensive components; the website. He again invested heavily in this and despite making $100,000 revenue in his first year along with a $1.5m pipeline and 180,000 website visits sitting #1 on Google, this spend was making a big dent on the bottom line.

He went on to sell both businesses but by this time had learnt how to build a successful website himself and that he had a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to help other businesses at different stages of growth. When a friend asked him for help he realised he was able to grow his business without any reliance on anyone else and when this company doubled sales he realised he had something special to offer.

Since then Bray Marketing has gone on to help startups, SME’s and global organisations with brand awareness, engagement and lead generation, securing the coveted #1 spot on Google, boosting web visits by 700%, tripling revenue, and increasing leads by 84%.

Our approach is completely different to the norm. We manage the entire process from conducting competitor and market research, identifying vital keywords and referral sites (backlinks), creating user and buyer personas, curating and optimising content, designing and building the website, conducting user feedback and then launching the site along with any supporting advertising and marketing campaigns. This is packaged into one service and one incredibly affordable price to ensure your business is getting where it needs to be far quicker and far cheaper.

Not every business will be suitable but in our first conversation we will work out the best path for you whether that’s with us involved or not.

We look forward to speaking with you and getting you on your journey to success today.


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